Are Video games key to success stories?

Although it is a fun fact, yet true people who play online games eventually turned out to be good decision makers. Good that games are available for free. You can download game for free and make yourself cool. Playing computer games is good for you in a number of ways

Reasons why people spend countless hours in playing games
Computer games can make you smart and better at life. Here’s why
Failure is the key to success – There are many success stories that actually emerged from failures. For example, Thomas Alva Edison, faced number of failures before he was successful in his invention of electric bulbs. His failure taught him the experience. Generally failure makes us to learn more mistakes. Similarly when kids start playing free games, they don’t emerge as a winner immediately. Although they lose, they don’t give up and keep trying to reach the next level. So playing games improves your morale considerably.
Games makes you feel younger – Games are played by all diverse of people. When people play games, it keeps their brain more active so they feel lot much younger than passive television watching.

Gamers are fast responders – Since games are fast paced and involved reflexes, gamers are generally fast responders and respond to a situation much faster and smarter.
Summing it up
These days free to play phenomenon has increased the popularity of the online games far and wide. You can download number of free games using PC games free download and play unlimited games for unlimited fun.

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