Consider This Your First Step to a Successful Digital Signage Campaign

Using digital signage is diverse and varied, so the background, knowledge and ability brought to generating articles to be delivered through this effective medium is equally as varied and diverse.

Think about the stark differences between a four-star resort chain that is determined at the corporate level to utilize digital signs throughout its properties to welcome visitors, provide way finding and encourage several attributes and amenities. Now consider the regional sports pub that has additional digital signs to market featured beverages and menu items while patrons quench their desire and watch the sport.

These are two completely different kinds of companies, with radically different tools to invest on led sign leasing, diverse levels of expertise with using media to reach the people and rather varied ideas about what they would like to achieve with electronic signs.

Irrespective of these differences, but the hotel chain and single sports bar -along with all other digital signage users- should share one common characteristic in regards to digital signage: They will need to find out their return on investment -not simply on the hardware and software needed but also on the digital content to be used.

Determining ROI on digital signage hardware and software is really straightforward. Simply divide the cost of both by their anticipated useful life in months or years. (For this example, I’ll use months.) Then subtract this monthly expense from the revenue generated by the digital indications and divide this difference by the monthly expense.

As an instance, the ROI of a simple, single-sign system costing $6000 for hardware, software and display would look like this. Assuming a useful life of five years, or 60 months, $100 of expense ought to be assigned to every month of the system’s useful life. If the sign generates an additional $150 in business per month, then the ROI in this illustration is 50 percent [that is $150 (revenue) – $100 (monthly cost of signage) = $50/$100 (monthly cost of signage) =.5].

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