Custom Dress Shirts For Every Event

Custom Shirts aren’t only for formal black tie tuxedo occasions, nor are they restricted to dark suits and company executives. A dress shirt could be a course search for each event even casual apparel. It only requires the right colours, styles and a bit of creativity to look your best in a custom shirt.
White Custom Dress Shirts
These will be the conventional dress top and if you add some pleating a great deal of starch, French cuffs and you’ve got a custom shirt match for a tuxedo or some other formal occasion. It’s tough to go wrong with a white custom shirt. For corporate wear, French cuffs might not be mandatory and though blue and white are standard, colours are definitely allowed nowadays as well as French cuffs aren’t mandatory in the business culture, button down collars on tops for business wear ought to be prevented.

Colored Custom Shirts Casual Class
Even corporate culture is relaxing enough to let quiet colors to the apparel shirt landscape along with a relaxed appearance with a coloured Custom Shirts (no tie) and a button down collar could be tasteful and yet purely casual. Even short-sleeved dress-shirts are creating a splash nowadays with down button and unconstrained by conventional colour options.
Why all this fuss over which top and what colours to wear or what to avoid? To put it simply, since if clothes make the man, a custom dress shirt gets the whole suit. Why have a costly black suit or well cut pair of trousers once your shirt billows out and though the sleeves and neck match, the top itself may be a stand or slips upwards? That’s the unfortunate position of this guy who doesn’t have the “typical” body type as stipulated by designers. Meaning if you’re smaller, bigger, more sporty or slim waisted or any combination thereof, tops don’t fit you.

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