Half Ounce of Weed: Benefits of Smoking Weed

Though it is a controversial topic about whether medical cannabis that is weed is good or bad for human health; but still there are some proven health benefits of taking half ounce of weed in a certain time. So here are the health benefits one can get from weed or marijuana.

Controls weight:
It is shown in studies that people who use to smoke weed are not obese. And mostly people who are obese never have consumed weed in their whole life.
Decreases diabetes:
A half ounce of weed can control diabetes. Diabetic people who take insulin most of the time don’t have enough insulin resistance power, but people who have been smoking weed have the 16-17% more insulin resistance power.
Improve lungs:
People who smoke weed regularly their lungs are healthier than people who smoke nothing and of course people who smoke cigarettes. Weed smoker’s lungs work more efficiently.
Half ounce of weed can fight against cancer:
Though there are some scientists, who don’t support this. But there are doctors and scientists who proved that marijuana could shrink and kill the cancer cells.

Weed can prevent depression and anxiety:
If you are struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time, then you must try to whether smoke or to eat marijuana in a certain amount. Weed can give you a relaxed and happy feeling which can reduce your anxiety and depression.
Controls glaucoma:
Glaucoma is a dangerous disease which can take out the vision from eye sites. Glaucoma creates a pressure into the eyeballs so that the eyeballs look bigger and come out from the eyes. Consuming weed regularly can prevent glaucoma. Marijuana decreases the pressure from the eyeballs and prevents from blindness.
Better than alcohol and heroin:
Taking marijuana or half ounce of weed in any form is actually better than alcohol. Also, marijuana is being used for getting rid of heroin and other dangerous drugs.

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