HCG Diet Drops and Doctor Simeon

“Pounds and Inches” is the name of the book that brought a new change in thinking of people regarding weight loss and hcg products. The author of the book Doctor Simeon was a well known endocrinologist practicing in England. He wrote the book after seeing success rate of HCG in patients who strived to lose weight. He introduced the idea of using HCG injections in combination with low calorie diet to his patients. He recorded his patients complained none of the side effects that were visible when patients had to use other standard dieting plans. The patients did not suffer headaches and irritability while the doctor put them on HCG injections. In fact, the patients reported they had no longer hunger pangs and cravings for food.

After many decades of his book published in 1954, hcg diet drops and injection have gained immense popularity. People from all over the places are using hcg drops to lose weight. There is no need of any medical prescription to buy hcg products. There are many websites, online pharmacies and medical stores on the internet selling hcg injections and drops. However, before buying hcg you should do some homework. There is a lot of scam websites on the internet. So, search for a reputed vendor and only buy after making sure you are contacting a genuine retailer. You can visit few forums, blogs or comparison sites where they have discussions about reputations of sellers and vendors on the internet. You can also search for some websites that help online users by identifying fake and scam websites. Also go through user feedback left by customers on the website of the retailer.

You can read many reviews about hcg drops, uses and results. Losing weight was never so easy as it is nowadays with hcg. Hcg products help in weight reduction fast. There are many testimonials online that are a proof of hcg diet drops effectiveness. You may read many success stories where a user found hcg injections good enough to lose weight and improve metabolism.

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