Important Things for Snagging your Self Build

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when planning for your building, somehow, small things will catch up with you during the construction. When such things happen, snag list preparation guide by Techavy might be of great help to come up with your snag list.

Once the work seems to be complete and you are the final home stretch, you will need to present those small issues which crop up by utilizing the snag list preparation guide by Techavy. You will then present it to your contractor before you sign the final handing over of your new property.
Here are some of the tips from a snag list preparation guide by Techavywhich might be helpful.
You have to triple check everything: This includes everything. Don’t leave a door unopened or a mat unturned. This is because the door might be having problems with the hinges which might fall off after only using them for five months.

When you are doing your survey after the construction, you have to make sure that you include things which are not in your plans or specifications like central heating, electrical work, internal doors, ceilings, walls, stairs, loft space, bathrooms, driveways, paths, external walls, and flooring. Though it is going to take time, it is worth it.

Ensure that you are reasonable: When you are constructing a house, a snag list is the best way to use to ensure that the contractor did the right work for you. But for the contractor, the snag list could be a headache. But as the client, you don’t have to use a snag list to redesign your house.

If you find out that you require more sockets that you had included in your plan, then that is a new job and it is not supposed to be included in your snag list.

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