Know the Significance of Fixed Income Investment

Fixed income investment is most widely made investment all over the world because of having higher chances of getting profit.

Main types of investment fixed income
1. Cash and money markets:
In the race related to fixed income investment, it is considered as the safe option. It is the perfect way of doing the principal balancing regarding checking, saving and making money market deposits. In this interest rates are also stated clearly. The best thing about making an investment in cash and money market is that it is free from liquidity risk.
2. Individual Bonds:
It is one of the most common types of fixed income investment. It includes treasury direct and municipal offerings. This investment allows the investor an opportunity to lend the assets to the issue of the bond in return for the stated interest rate.
Municipal bonds are safer bonds as compare to the corporate bonds. The revenue bonds back by specific project revenues.
3. Certificate of deposits:
Another form of investment fixed income is that making an investment in certificates of fixed deposits offered by credit unions or banks. If we talk about interest rate of a certificate of deposits, it is basedon the basis of the term selection. There is no market risk associated with this investment option.
4. ETFs and Bond Funds
Investing in fixed income securities done via mutual funds or by exchange traded funds. It offers a kind of diversification to investors.

Investment in fixed income plays a crucial role in deciding the client’s overall investment strategy irrespective of the market environment. There is a kind of protection of capital present in all types of fixed income securities no matter whether it is LCA, LCI and Priava security, everything attracts the investors.

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