LED headlight bulb: some Guide on buying it

With an increase of automotive industry, it became a huge challenge to bring efficient LEDs and HID lights to satisfy the buyer and fulfill their needs. Today we can see that there is the big craze of exchanging headlights with LED Headlight bulbs. Car models are influenced by the beginning of these lights. It is quite difficult to explain the principle of an LED if simply put, they rely on –ve electrons moving against +ve “holes” across a semiconductor. LED lights have a concept which depends on electroluminescence. It is a process where electron falls into holes and to get in lower energy level, it transforms itself in photons which is the tiniest fraction of light, and through multiplication thousands of times/second, it gives continuous bright light.

Further, it is found that LED need very low power in comparison with classic halogen lights which makes it efficient than anything. For instance, we can take Toyota Prius model where electricity plays a key role, and many new cars apply this technology.

You may be looking for buying a guide for LED headlight bulbs for your 4-wheeler. So here are some points on which you should choose good LED headlight bulbs:
1st step
• Firstly, you should see what your headlamps type is. There are mainly two possible results:
1. Single Beam bulb- It needs two separate bulbs for low and high beams
2. Dual Beam Bulb- It needs only one bulb for low and high beams
• When you look for any Headlight lamps check your owner’s manual
• You should contact vehicle manufacturer
• You must know about your color temp- It costs 3,000k, 5,000k, 6,000k and 8,000k for Yellow, White, Aqua blue and Deep blue respectively.
2nd Step
• Now, by knowing about your bulb type, you can purchase good LED light conversion kit from the online stores.
• There should be two LED bulbs, TWO ballasts, and wiring when you receive it
• Install it
These are some of the steps for buying Good LED headlight bulbs.

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