Make a dual synchronization from the Chrome browser

The best part is that now you no longer need to block your hard disk to run the Whatsapp application from Alternative you can download the messenger application as a part of Chrome browser. It is a lightweight application. You can login to the feature from any location. Concurrently use the scanner code of the android to log in automatically if you are already signed in to your android.

A hard working multi-task on the making
Such synchronizations do not need the Bluestack intervention unless you specifically want to get involved. The most gleaming feature is your ability to be in tune with multiple messengers and that too altogether. Notifications keep popping as and when there is a change in status. This is good news for the Android users though they should still feel jealous about their inability to handle multiple chat windows on a desktop.
Safety first with your credentials and sessions
Statistics from reveal that it has been generally noticed that people tend to forget to sign from their computers and attempt to log in again from a different computer at a different location. This has been taken cared of nicely by the team and now you have the option to click on the link to sign out from other devices. This could be a security breach both for the host and client. It is generally recommended that a few minutes of inactivity should kill the session.

Keep abreast of the new features
The features from keep adding on every other day and you should keep the application updated. Out of the few recent additions is the ability to make free voice and video calls and privacy features to keep you safe. The tips and tricks are a plenty and you need to roam around the application to discover and utilize them. Block unwanted chats and calls are on the fingertips. More in line is hiding your profile picture or display to a selected few. Next in line is the status.

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