MANA Barmill, innovation and quality

The most innovative constructions turn out to be great attractions, becoming even iconic of the cities where they are located, adding character to the landscape and becoming an important part of the architecture that sometimes transcends the regional barrier.

Such is the case of the world-famous Dancing Towers of Germany. Located in the city of Hamburg, they represented a real challenge even for the most experienced. Being able to achieve the construction of a strong and resistant building that also contributed to the sensation of movement in a fluid way was not an easy matter to achieve.

For this, it was necessary the intervention of Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill who had all their experience in the area of construction providing high-quality materials that ensured maximum resistance and a significant cost reduction that allowed the necessary malleability to perform the architectural design planned.

This building that emulates a pair of tango dancers was necessary to replace the columns composed of a high strength reinforcement that could cope with the demands in terms of strength and flexibility, for it was used prefabricated columns that were spliced.

One of the great advances in construction put into practice by MANA Barmill Hamilton was the innovative technique of making the concrete directly on the splice site, this meant significant savings in terms of time, money and resources, so much so that it was calculated that the saving was approximately 50%.

Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill has been and continues to be synonymous with high-quality building materials and customer service, service, and advice based on excellence, so it is easy to understand why they remain the favorite choice of many for the elaboration of all types of constructions.

MANA Barmill offers its customers decades of experience and constant research which translates into improvements in the development of materials and construction techniques used, working with them means using the best products with the highest quality standards and good price.

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