MGR is complete electronics repair software that will simplify your life

Are you a new entrepreneur and have you just opened a mobile repairs shop? Or do you have time in the electronics repair business and your stores have increased? It does not matter if it is new or you have time in repair business, in My Gadget Repair we offer you our exclusive Software Repair Shops, with which you can manage a small store or many.

This software gives you peace of mind when managing a business, from taking inventory to the day to establish the routes of your technicians and know where they are. You will no longer have the problem of running out of a part because your inventory was not up to date.

MGR is a Repair Shop Management Software of any type based on the cloud, which will allow you to run your business from wherever you are. You can maintain a close communication with your customers, through emails, keep a strict control of the points of sales, know the workflow in the store, monthly and annual invoicing, repairs can be controlled through a system of tickets, this will take the order of attention, you will have knowledge of the arrears and the reason for it, you can even take control of your employees, vacations, and permits, it is a complete management software, which will provide all these benefits and more.

If you have a small engine repair shop, the inventory of your parts is very important when receiving any engine, after diagnosing the fault, you must change the part and if you do not have that spare at the moment, the repair will be delayed and that will influence the continuity of the client, who on another occasion will prefer to go to another store that may be serviced more quickly.

A repair shop, depending on the type of equipment you repair, should always have on hand the parts of it, if you have a Cell Phone Repair Shop, you know which parts are most frequently required repairs, and an example of this could be, screens that are fragile.

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