Reasons for Amazon Suspension and Reinstating the Account

E-commerce for people is a boon where with the click of a button he or she can have anything delivered to their doorstep. The sales continue to grow each year on e-commerce platforms. It has been great for e-commerce sellers as they manage to enjoy the profit from continuous sales. However, there are times that e-commerce sellers’ accounts get suspended. There are various reasons for Amazon suspension. This does create a problem for these sellers. Like there are various reason for the suspension, there are ways to get their account unsuspended. Below we will discuss this in order to understand the problem and how to solve it.

Amazon Sellers’ Account Suspension
An account is suspended on Amazon because of various reasons. The main reasons are:
• It is a very competitive market where a good service to the customers is valued and a high priority. So if they feel that the performance of a particular seller is not up to the mark, then that seller’s account has a chance of getting suspended.
• The second reason can be, violation of policies set by Amazon. A seller always will have to abide by the laws and regulation put in place by them.
• Selling a product which is not approved by Amazon. A seller needs to have Amazon category approvals to sell certain products.
Solving the Problem
If Amazon suspends an account, an investigation should be done properly and go through policy warnings. To solve the problem one needs to file an appeal. Through Amazon appeals, one should take responsibility for the problem. And without criticizing their process of the quality check just assure them of providing customers with better service.
Many get their accounts suspended. But after an appeal, most get their accounts back. If one follows all rules and regulations, then there won’t be any problem with account suspension.

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