Sachs clutch (embrague sachs) technology first hand

In the sporting activities field that is so strenuous for its own logistics and the implementation regarding rules that seek to standardize the competition, without lowering the individual capability of competitors, it is very helpful to use sporting activities clutch (embrague deportivo) we have developed for you that is in the search for a transmission with a increased power, basic safety on the controls, more stableness in the mechanics of your automobile and of course prolonged duration.

The whole products get very excellent adaptation attributes and this allows them to be carried out for any auto brand that currently exists and we perhaps managed to be the device that your turbo car needs when it has alterations made to you should demanding tastes.
We have the actual Sachs clutch (embrague sachs) between other products which meet intercontinental standard specifications and we do this because all of us use high-quality materials such as sintered closes that battle high temperatures.
In addition can be obtained the strengthened clutches (embragues reforzados) in which among their benefits gets the performance as well as reliability gone through by the pilot as it manages to reduce the shake of the torque of the motor offering protection in its journey.
One of the positive aspects of the levels of competition that we provide sports clutch (embrague deportivo) is that it established fact that the harm in the clutches can develop quickly towards the steering wheel and even damage this, that is why our own products can be assembled quickly by the simple coupling that They can be done personally, without subtracting trustworthiness in their speed capacity within the changes and also subjection.
In case you own a working area and aim to offer our own products we have a variety of packages where you can select your ease, if you are a vendor or are curious about it, we guarantee that the items acquired for example the sports clutch system (embrague deportivo) will get to excellent condition because many of us take responsibility for the proper presentation and thus decrease the risks due to transport.

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