Shimon Prokupecz the ace journalist

The CNN Reporter Shimon Prokupecz is popular for his Crime and justice reporting he chiefly covers the law enforcement related stories. He was the one who covered the infamous Michael brown’s shooting in Ferguson,Missouri.

Earlier life:

Shimon Prokupeczwas bornin the year 1985. He did his graduation from the Hunter College.Before focusing thoroughly on journalism he has worked in few other sectors. Before his days in CNN, Shimon worked as a paralegal in the District Attorney’s office. He was also an assignment editor at WABC and a WNBC producer in the famous New York City.

The life on social media:

If you are very much interested to have a closer look at his life and the way he spends his life, then his Instagram is the place you should be. Generally, he talks and shares content regarding his journalism works, workout sessions and you should definitely look in to the way he spends his time with loved ones. Most of the comments and posts are related to the works that he has done in the past, the cases and the breaking news that he has been part of. He has a wide set of followers in his fan base.

The woman in his Instagram pics:

May people wonder about his personality? But for every bodies knowledge the famous journalist is not gay. People who follow him closely would have noticed the presence of an unknown woman in some of his Instagram pics. Many wonder who that women is. It is none other than the bestselling author Katy. They are seen together for a while but there relationship status remains uncertain. For the current situation he is spending his free time with the bestselling author. Are they married or will be staying together is unconfirmed.

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