Stana got a husband, his name is Kris Brkljac

Kris Brkljac was born in Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. He is a successfulbusinessman with Serbian origin best known for being television star actress StanaKatic, who became famous after starring on the television series Castle playing the leading role of Detective Kate Beckett. Kris Brkljacis such a success of a business person that his net worth is valued in more than twelve million American dollars. His parents were originally from Lika (former Yugoslavia) then moved to Australia hoping for a better life. There he lived with his family that includes two brothers. After getting a high school diploma in Sydney, he decided to continue his education in the United States of America, where he studied Communication Media and, after that, law.

Around that period of time, he sufferedfroma lot of obstacles in his life, and during his early twenty-somethings, there was even a period in time where he was homeless and living on the streets and alleys of New York City. Nevertheless, he rose up from his circumstances and was able to make a living. He got a job with a software company named Dispute Suite situated in the state ofFlorida, and worked his way up throughout the corporation and eventually becomingthe Vice President of Sales. He ultimately became friends with Mark Katic, the brother of his now wife, StanaKatic,as they would go on commercial ventures together. It was through this period that he met Stana.
Kris Brkljac continued to handle business activities and he eventually started his own enterprise, becoming the owner of a sales and development company grounded in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, he originally used advances and loans to aid him to get out of his financial difficulties. He eventually found some success as he attempted more into other business. He is often seen appearing and travelingwith Stana Katic, his wife, counting a visit to Greece in the year 2014 which was covered by some media outlets. Get to know more about Kris and his wife and their life as a couple at our website:

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