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Key-Tails gives you the best in motorcycle gifts for dad, so Dad can take you with you on every trip he makes.

The labels for keys that we make and all our products are not typical or usual key rings, but we make sure that they are made of the best materials and that, you notice the difference between our products and those of the competition, without having to pay a high price for it with respect to other products of this type available in the market You can see and feel it! The most recognized brands and their logos are in our collections, as well as a manufacturing with durable, soft and washable materials. The same is meticulously embroidered to the fabric, which is why you can live all the experiences you want without them suffering any damage or do it to the body of your motorcycle, the difference compared to other hard keychains, which they may break or become worn with the passage of time. In addition, these same qualities will allow them to fit in your pocket easily and thus, you can use it as you wish. That is why our products are ideal when it comes to giving motorcycle gifts for him we have a wide range of products and different models! Find a phrase that identifies you and approaches this beautiful detail that will change the idea that we fear what it should be and look like a keychain. And even, if you’re one of those lucky ones who share this love for motorcycles with your girl then you can opt for motorcycle gifts for her where she will not have to lose her femininity and passion. Also when it comes to motorcycle gifts for dad we have the best products for him. We know that making a gift can be a bit complicated, but if it is about giving a detail to someone who is a lover of motorcycles or cars, Key-Tails is undoubtedly the ideal option. It is a company that strives to manufacture key chains, laces,and logos of the highest quality, made with the best materials so that it is guaranteed that they will last as long as you wish.

We make our shipments quickly in less than 48 hours after completing your order through our website, get a free quote based on the products you want to purchase and the shipping fee by adding it to your shopping cart.

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