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Enjoy the bone broth benefits

The latest studies on nutrition and food encourage the implementation of a diet rich in vegetables and fresh foods, leaving the intake of meat in the background. Despite this, for more than a thousand years the ancient cultures, especially the Romans, Greeks, and Mongols knew the properties and benefits of the nutrients that animals provide to the human body, which were evidenced in the training and preparation of their armies, who survived extreme conditions and made great efforts.

Coupled with this, in modern lifestyles the action of discarding predominates, which can easily be noticed in food, where what nature offers, especially of animals, is not fully exploited. To this day, the best cuts of an animal are practically preferred, whereas in past times every section of them was used, such as meat, organs, bone parts, so that all bone broth benefits were fully enjoyed. Among which can be mentioned:
• Intestinal health. One of the main bone broth benefits is that it contains a good amount of collagen, which is transformed into gelatin when cooked. And this is one of the best medicines for the intestine that can be on the planet. Gelatin helps in the transformation of the permeable intestine into a strong barrier, thus healing chronic inflammation.
• Anti-aging. This is the bone broth benefits preferred by many, and it is also related to the amount of collagen that is obtained from it. This has the ability to reaffirm and strengthen skin cells. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which eliminates the finest wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.
• It helps you lose weight. By drinking broth from bones, the sensation of having consumed a whole meal is generated. Therefore, you will not feel anxiety, cravings, and desire to eat sweets.
• Protects the joints. In addition to collagen, the bones are full of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which are the same nutrients that some specialists order as supplements to preserve healthy joints.

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