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Know some signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

The health of the body and the mind requires a comprehensive study of human behavior, aimed at analyzing the environment in which we live. Most diseases and disorders have a cause, the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a problem that affects a significant percentage of children, many of them reach their adult life without reaching some signs of this deficit disappear.

Individuals with ADD / ADHD are often more prone to suffer from illnesses, emotional problems, and difficulty to progress in learning activities. There are many characteristics that make it possible to identify the ADD / ADHD in a child, for example, who is easily distracted, finds it difficult to concentrate on the same activity, does not pay attention or has difficulty listening, avoids attention work, does not culminates the activities and tasks, as well as other signs that may vary from one individual to another according to their social reality and level of development.The disorders, as well as the syndrome, can be treated, to cope in the best way with their signs and symptoms but they are not completely overcome. For the detection of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires a series of tests and neurological studies, of the behavior, and others that the specialist considers necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis.

The treatments for this disorder encompass many aspects related not only to the physical body such as brain functioning, nutrition, sleep, and the individual’s abilities, but also the environmental aspects that surround it in order to achieve progress with the treatment. Medications can be replaced once the progress of the treatment is noticed and the objectives are reached, and these treatments are carried out in an integral manner, involving factors such as school, work, a family that are necessary. They are also complemented with alternative therapies such as nutritional, cognitive, neurological, language, sleep therapy, hygiene, environmental, rehabilitation and many others you can find more detail at http://www.hopperinstitute.com/addadhd.

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