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Arm your personalized holiday packages with Towno

One of the places that most attracts the attention of tourists from around the world is India. This is because it is a place full of diverse cultures, which can be experienced in its towns and village, in its food, and in the welcoming nature of the people who live there. Wherever you go, you breathe tradition and respect for the customs, because it characterizes this country, and despite the modernization that has touched every meter of the planet, India’s soul still breathes its rich culture and traditions.

The right way to experience this great country is to book a personalized holiday package to India which will take you much beyond the usual wealth of architectural monuments, such as the Taj Mahal in Agra, Tomb of Humayun and Lotus Temple in Delhi, the beaches of Goa or the forts of Rajasthan. The real India lives beyond the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. The real India lives in its towns and villages, dripping with history and culture, waiting to be explored. To truly plan a visit to India, you must plan therefore a wide variety of offbeat travel destinations and build your ownpersonalized holiday package.

For this, it is recommended to look for a personalized trip planner company such as Towno, an exciting Experiential Travel Startup, powered by Government of India’s StartupIndia initiative, that has the experience and expert staff knowledgeable of each corner and secret of India, so that they know how to guide you through each route, with customized holiday packages that adapt to the needs and desires of customers. Another benefit of Towno, this unique travel company is that it has the best prices and offers in the market, because they partner only with the best and the most unique and travel partners, hotels and homestays who guarantee their customers the best price and the best experience.

When booking throughTowno,you will not only holiday like a local, you will also have the security and mental peace that the trip will be planned to perfection and there will be no problems that interrupt the fun and adventure. This is because the team knows the most famous places to visit and those that are offbeat travel destinations. Likewise, they know the right times to go out, where to go, what to do, among other things that will only make the trip experience very interesting, because they will take plan for each moment perfectly.

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