Company registration: process of earning profits conveniently through legal basis

The company registration of any start-up group is the base and first step ahead in the world of business and profits. The registration procedure is the first work to be done in order to the company started.The registration number of a company enlists it to the profit providing company and taxpaying paying structure in the country. The registration brings the company at the position to borrow the capital from big brands for the company welfare. The registered company always has the power to employ the qualified individual.

Features of private company registration
There are certain features, which make the company eligible for certain liabilities and responsibilities. These features eventually help the companies to grow and provide more profits to the India.
• The prominent feature of the process in Private Limited Company Registration is that it requires minimum two entrepreneurs or directors of the company to lead and maintain the profits and loss of the company.
• The registered companies are noticed to reach the highest start-up position and set up their brand early and easily.
• The company, which is registered legally, attains more creditability as compared to others.
• The registered company can easily raise the high amount of funds from other companies and make profits eventually.

Advantages & disadvantages
The advantage of having a company registration is that a single legal document and serial number confirming the presence of the company can give the organization many opportunities to grow and make profits. The profits always help the nation and individual related to the company.
The company, which is registered through a private body structure, confronts certain many disadvantages, which affect the function of the company sometimes. The Pvt Ltd company registration has the limitation in decision-making by directors, the restricted process of share transfer and high statuary compliance.