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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is really a modern medicine method to treat along with eliminate gasoline bubbles produced inside the entire body. HBOT chambers supply medical using oxygen with stress greater than environmental pressure and it is useful in beneficial purpose to treat decompression illness, your injurious aftereffect of systemic fuel bubbles by giving conditions regarding elimination of bubbles.

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Tenka offers wide range of Hyperbaric Spaces available with different configurations to meet any layout or charge requirement. We’ve got Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber,Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber, Mobile as well as Transportable Hyperbaric Spaces, Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber, each of the models are compatible with different requires.

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber, the most comfy Monoplace ever construct! The spaces are under time limits up to Several.0 atmospheres, There are two variants available Crossbreed 4000 Monoplace and also Hybrid 3200 Monoplace. Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers are pressurised with 100% Health care Grade Oxygen, the chambers are designed keeping in mind individuals safety and comfort.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT) Spaces are designed for treating multiple sufferers. The compartments are under time limits up to Half a dozen.0 environments and the person can air Medical Grade Oxygen through Lid or Hide System. Multiplace Chambers are produced in many different models keeping in mind the needs of absolutely free themes.

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Hyperbaric chamber for sale especially for medical units

It is not a secret that one of the most common uses and that has caused the greatest impact for the medical society is the implementation of hyperbaric chambers in their therapy mode, administering oxygen at a higher percentage than that found in the earth’s atmosphere. It is because of them that the hyperbaric chamber for sale has increased considerably.

The medicine through the hyperbaric chambers or oxygen therapy as they are also known as a medically controlled treatment which consists of supplying the pulmonary system with 100% oxygen from a person – patient while he is inside the cavity of the pressurization which offers a monoplace hyperbaric chamber or, alternatively, the multiplace hyperbaric chamber. The treated patient is receiving much higher oxygen than the level in the Earth’s atmosphere above sea level, which is 21%.
This action occurs thanks to a considerable increase in the partial pressure of oxygen, which allows the cellular level to accelerate the processes in terms of healing and also helps to make recovery more effective in numerous indications.
This well-applied procedure does not have major side effects or of very short duration. It should be noted that medicine by means of hyperbaric chambers is not the final cure for the indications; however, it considerably increases the immune system that allows patients to improve their health and problems of chronic wounds and somewhat complex disabilities.
The hyperbaric chamber cost varies according to its type and class in reference to the single-seat type, however, if we analyze the multiplace there is a greater number of variables to compare, since its size, capacity change if they are to be applied only for medical treatments or for medicine and diving equipment. The veterinary hyperbaric chamber for sale has been taken as the new alternative to medicine due to its lower cost.

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A hyperbaric chamber is a chamber that is designed to give a hundred percent supply of oxygen whenever needed .
How it works :
An oxygen hyperbaric chamber helps by hyper oxygenation of the blood even when hemoglobin is fully saturated . The hyperbaric oxygen therapy , as the name suggests does this by the use of pressure . The patient who is in a need of high amount of oxygen is put in this chamber and high pressure oxygen is given out in the chamber and when the patient breathes in this air that is almost 100 percent oxygen , he meets the need of oxygenating his blood to the required amount.

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