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Press Release And Promotion

Promotion through various electronic media has long been used as a marketing tool and its outreach has bolstered its influence in promotional strategies. Companies and firms have moved on from advertising their goods and services through pamphlets or fliers to various channels and social media platforms. The method of apress release has normally been outsourced to various companies actively providing this service and this, in turn, has helped in reducing costs and increased brand value.

How has it increased its importance?
A hundred years back, no one could have thought that everyone could find out what was happening all around the world through television. News channels play an important role in conveying important information and a press release through them is bound to increase sales and demand.
Be it on news ticker; or on the sides of the screen during a live debate; or on news online sites; a press release actively catches the attention of the viewer. It has been a great promotional tool and therefore most of the company’s public relations or marketing managers have been employing it to advertise their company or its products.
Through the press release, not one but many news channels are contacted at once and the company will be advertised at many places and at different intervals of time hence, covering a large amount of audience from all over the world. No other form of media could achieve this possible amount of outreach and when this job is outsourced to professionals, the results are effectively delivered and in a shortamount of time. Therefore, hiring a third-party professional is ideal for aiding in advertisements and it helps in reaching to a large number of customers at affordable rates.

Benefits of press release for a business

The invention that has changed the life of the human being the most has been the Internet. This is because since its creation everything was modified adapting it to online systems. To this day, practically everything is done through the network, since with the use of telephones and other smart devices, it is now possible to obtain all the information you want in just a few minutes and no matter where you are or the hour.

In view of this great scope and massiveness of the Internet, companies have been able to take advantage to publicize their brands, services or products. And although there are many methods of advertising that can be executed, one of the best benefits is press release. These are articles directed to the public and that are sent to them by means of communication. Among the benefits that companies obtain is mainly being able to show themselves to the world, which will attract the attention of potential clients and users, who when seeing in a communication medium, a reference of the company and the services that it provides, automatically what is offered It acquires certain quality.

On the other hand, press release increases the visibility of the company; this means that by putting your name in a means of communication to be more visible and notorious, thus reaching more people. Likewise, it is possible to better position the company’s website among the top positions of online search engines, thanks to the SEO tools required for that purpose. Finally, the press release are an excellent way to promote the brand, because when a brand appears in a communication medium, it acquires a reputation and becomes capable of being placed on its competitors.

Linking News is in charge of helping companies achieve all these objectives since it is made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals who are highly trained to contact the most prestigious and renowned media and journalists and send them the material to be distributed in them and obtain the widest possible scope nationally and internationally.

The “LINKING NEWS” services include more than the “Best Press Release Distribution Service”

As is well known, not all companies can and do not have the possibility of having a good and reliable publicity and marketing team to constantly design and publish marketing strategies that attract new clients and keep them loyal to those they already have in a world increasingly globalized being in the news and being noticed as a company is a constant and demanding task, one of the most traditional forms but which continues to be effective and useful to attract attention is the press release distribution, these press releases are usually very useful to generate interest in a brand, but also must meet certain parameters to not become a waste of time and effort.

In LINKING NEWS we not only offer you a white label statement, that is, in which the data or information that relates your company with LINKING NEWS will not appear, each release will be published in one of three hundred news channels of the more than one thousand with whom we have a relationship, within the publication there will be backlinks that will take the person reading the statement to the main page of your company and for more support and quality of press release service we offer our clients hundreds of templates of communications press so that your communication meets the requirements that can arouse interest in the reader, teaching the appropriate way to write to be interesting and generate interest in readers, our journalists are dedicated to design templates that suit each type of company to make the reach of communicated tools more effective.

The firm that offers best press release distribution service is at the disposal of companies from all over the world to make it visible in a massive way, not only through press releases but also through positioning in the search engines and google news

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