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Regardless of what you are protecting send and receive Secure Mail

E-mail is a tool that has been with us for several years and that many people use in our day to day, whether for reasons of work, personal reasons or just for some fun. The main function of electronic mail is to be able to communicate with one or several people, no matter where they are.Nowadays, as we know it, we simply need a personal computer or a smartphone with an internet connection and access to an email application or web browser. With only these means you can send our messages to the people with whom we want to communicate.

The use of emails is prone to reveal information, which is why most of these are transmitted without any encryption to protect them. It is very possible that through some tools of easy access to other people that are neither the sender nor the recipient can read the content of it.
For these reasons, many people and entities have used encryption in their emails to protect their privacy. Because of this, mail encryption is the best option since it provides a public key where the content of the email can be protected from end to end.
It is very important to know which provider is the most efficient and effective, to protect our personal information from malicious users who want to take advantage of our information, and know that we are sending and receiving secure email.
CTemplar provides the most secure Encrypted Email program in the world. The security of our platform is not based solely on its advanced encryption; it is also structured and domiciled to better protect the personal data of the various requests for information.
CTemplar is a powerful tool for users who value privacy, who need to send and receive secure mail regardless of what they are protecting and because we will continue to offer users the most advanced guarantees possible for your convenience with us.

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