Tenofovir is also a prevention medicine for AIDS

The people who are affected with AIDS stay away from the common people who should not be done. The important fact is that the people who are normal always try to stay separated and away from the affected people. This separation should not be there. People actually look in a different way to the HIV affected people. Thus tenofovir is the only medicine to hope for a better life.

Advantages of tenofovir
• The medicine actually helps in reproducing the cells that prevent the production of HIV affected cells in the body.
• The medicine actually inversely protects the growth of HIV cells, and thus you get better day after day.
• You will feel better and the symptoms that frequently disturb you will not be able to do so afterwards.
• You will not fall sick frequently. People with HIV positive fall sick like fever, cold,etc. very frequently.
There are a lot of benefits of taking the respective medicine, so you need to contact with the doctors and start having the medicine. There are various other medicines on the market, but you need to know them very well before taking. The best way is to consult with the doctors and take the medicine they prescribe to you. You should not lose your hope and stay separated from others. This will make you more depressed, and you will fall sick more often. Thus staying happy is also a key to stay healthy. Therefore take the medicine truvada tenofovir on a regular basis and try to stay fit.
How do you take the dosages?
• You need to have the pills orally, so you do not have to worry about it.
• Once you skip a dose, you need to stick to the regular dosages.
If you experience any kind of irritations, then you should instantly inform the doctors. They will help you to cope up with the problem. It is always instructed to take truvada on a regular basis.

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