The advances that we have made

Things have become unrecognizable
The advances that human beings have made are incredible. We started off by living in caves and hunting animals for survival in this harsh world. We have made so much of advances in every field that now we live in a world which is unrecognizable from what we had at that time.

There have been advances in every field. Medicine is now capable of saving a dying man, our scholars now know things that were unknown a few years ago and of course technology has completely revolutionized everything that we as human beings do. It is now possible to achieve any task in a matter of seconds thanks to the various marvels that technology has gifted us with. The number of things that we can achieve and the manner in which we can achieve them is absolutely staggering thanks to the internet. There was once upon a time when we had to queue up for hours at an end to do things like depositing money in the bank or buying our groceries or getting tickets for the next big concert. But all this and much more has become a matter of mere seconds now as all we do is take out our phones and our computers and press a few buttons and get everything on our fingertips.

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