The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods.

Those who have pets at home always want the best for them, a safe place, a comfortable space to sleep, and above all healthy food that guarantee a long and healthy life.
Dog foods should be complete, balanced, and easy to digest, but the most important thing is that they are low in sodium. As for people, excess salt is harmful to dogs. And just as with humans, not all dogs are the same and you should not feed them the same. Your dog may suffer from some heart or kidney disease, it may be a puppy, an active adult or is already entering old age, and each one needs different nutrients.

Sodium is a basic mineral that dogs need to maintain a hydrated skin and adequate muscle and nerve functions, so you should not eliminate salt completely, what you should not do is give them salt in excess.
In the market, there is a wide variety of foods for your beloved four-legged friend, but not all have the necessary requirements to keep your dog healthy and happy for longer.
At we specialize in low sodium dog food, whether you are aging, a strong young person or if you need special food.
Among the foods we offer are brands such as Royal Canin Cardiac early, a complete and very balanced food, with the necessary nutrients to support the cardiovascular system, and the Kidney Support variety if your dog has kidney problems. Hill’s Pet Dry Food, in addition to low sodium also has antioxidants and balanced levels of proteins and phosphorus, also for dogs with heart and kidney problems.
In addition to these presentations of dry meals for dogs, you can also choose canned food for wider tastes, as it brings chicken as the main ingredient.
We invite you to enter our website, from where you can buy the best low sodium dog food , at the same time we offer you healthy advice to help take care of your beloved friend.

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