The “LINKING NEWS” services include more than the “Best Press Release Distribution Service”

As is well known, not all companies can and do not have the possibility of having a good and reliable publicity and marketing team to constantly design and publish marketing strategies that attract new clients and keep them loyal to those they already have in a world increasingly globalized being in the news and being noticed as a company is a constant and demanding task, one of the most traditional forms but which continues to be effective and useful to attract attention is the press release distribution, these press releases are usually very useful to generate interest in a brand, but also must meet certain parameters to not become a waste of time and effort.

In LINKING NEWS we not only offer you a white label statement, that is, in which the data or information that relates your company with LINKING NEWS will not appear, each release will be published in one of three hundred news channels of the more than one thousand with whom we have a relationship, within the publication there will be backlinks that will take the person reading the statement to the main page of your company and for more support and quality of press release service we offer our clients hundreds of templates of communications press so that your communication meets the requirements that can arouse interest in the reader, teaching the appropriate way to write to be interesting and generate interest in readers, our journalists are dedicated to design templates that suit each type of company to make the reach of communicated tools more effective.

The firm that offers best press release distribution service is at the disposal of companies from all over the world to make it visible in a massive way, not only through press releases but also through positioning in the search engines and google news

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